May 26, 2016

Test Results

In an effort to bring transparency and standardization to this industry, we are posting our test results for our Queen City Hemp products. When seeking alternative treatments, it is important to know exactly what you are buying. We are here to answer your questions so please contact us on our webpage. We hope our products help you as much as they help us. Thank you for your support!

Batch QC135
Batch QC134
Batch QC133
Batch QC132
Batch QC131
Batch QC130
Batch QC129
Batch QC128
Batch QC127
Batch QC126
Batch QC125
Batch QC124
Batch QC123
Batch QC122
Batch QC121
Batch QC120
Batch QC119
Batch QC118
Batch QC117
Batch QC116
Batch QC115
Batch QC114
Batch QC113
Batch QC112
Batch QC111
Batch QC110
Batch QC109
Batch QC108
Batch QC107
Batch QC106
Batch QC105
Batch QC104
Batch QC103
Batch QC102
Batch QC101
Batch QC100
Batch QC099
Batch QC098
Batch QC097
Batch QC096
Batch QC095
Batch QC094
Batch QC093
Batch QC092
Batch QC091
Batch QC090
Batch QC089
Batch QC088
Batch QC087
Batch QC086
Batch QC085
Batch QC084
Batch QC083
Batch QC082
Batch QC081
Batch QC080

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