Vape Update

Hello Everyone! We are temporarily marking our vape products out of stock. We are excited to announce a partnership with O2Vape to take our vape to the next level! They will be available again on 2/1/17. Our batteries will now come with a lifetime warranty. Any problems that arise from general use can be handled[…]

Business owners, patients glad to see medicinal marijuana given green light in Ohio

“In three months, medical marijuana will be legal in the state of Ohio. Gov. John Kasich signed a bill Wednesday night legalizing the plant for medicinal purposes. Some see green — in the way of dollar signs — while others see a weed that will help people with a variety of ailments. Nicholas Balzer’s feet[…]

Small businesses prepare for Ohio medical marijuana market

“COLUMBUS, Ohio — The rules for Ohio’s medical marijuana growers and dispensaries are months away from being written, but entrepreneurs are already eyeing the future market here. Dozens of marijuana and cannabis-related business names have been registered with the state since the legislature passed Ohio’s medical marijuana law in late May. Existing Ohio companies are[…]

QC Infusion in High Times!

Legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio has more than enough popular support, if only the key players could get, and keep, reasonable proposals on the table. Preferably, one proposal. According to public polls, nearly three out of four Ohioans agree that access to marijuana for certain medical conditions should be a constitutional right; Yet once[…]

QC Infusion in the News!

Nic Balzer is using his savings to start a marijuana-related business – before the drug is even legalized in Ohio. It’s a risk Balzer and partner Robert Ryan started taking on last year, prior to a failed ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. They attended a marijuana business conference the day after the[…]


QC Infusion, a Cincinnati-based company, is hosting a launch event for their first product, Queen City Hemp, a high CBD (cannabinoid) content oil extract for the health and wellness market, on Friday, May 20th from 8 – 11 PM at Urban Artifact in Cincinnati. The launch event is headlined by The Cliftones, a nationally known[…]

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