How to Use CBD Oil

There are many different types of CBD oil products available in what is a how to use CBD oilrapidly expanding market. So how do you use CBD oil products? It depends largely on the specific type of product you have.

Here is a quick overview of each of these types of products, and simple instructions for usage:

CBD liquids and tinctures: Tinctures are perhaps the most versatile form of CBD oil, and very beginner friendly. You are able to more precisely control the serving size with a dropper, or simply choose to use a sprayer. Tinctures are available in many different flavors, which also helps to make the oil more palatable. To use a tincture, simply start with a few drops in your mouth. If you wish, you can also use a blender and mix it into your favorite beverage or smoothie.

Topical ointments: CBD oil is a primary ingredient in many types of creams, balms and lotions. Oil in this form allows you to target specific areas on your body that are sore or giving you problems, as it will be directly absorbed through your skin. Simply rub it on to your area of choice as you would with any other lotion or cream.

Vape or E-liquids: For the quickest delivery, absorption through the lungs is a great option. There are a wide variety of vape products out there, but it’s important to understand that cannabinoids will degrade as they are continually exposed to high heat. A low wattage battery is best to limit the degradation of cannabinoids.

If you have any more detailed questions about how to use a specific CBD oil product, we encourage you to reach out to us today!

3 thoughts on “How to Use CBD Oil

  • Hello,

    I have very sore neck and shoulders which cause me to have migraines. I also grind my teeth at night they think all of mine is caused by stress. Would any of these formulas be helpful for me?

    • We offer a variety of products that may be beneficial for you. Our tinctures and vape products are a great way to start cannabinoid therapy. Your best bet is to start low and go slow. You can always increase your dosage if you need to. Everyone metabolizes cannabinoids differently, so there is no one size fits all. There is some self-experimentation to determine what is effective. We also have a topical salve which can be applied locally as needed. For more product information, be sure to check out our shop page.

  • Hello, I am using the cream. I’m really not sure about the vaping yet. Which other product donyounthinknwould best help with sleep and pain?

    Thank you.

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