QC Infusion in High Times!

Legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio has more than enough popular support, if only the key players could get, and keep, reasonable proposals on the table. Preferably, one proposal.

According to public polls, nearly three out of four Ohioans agree that access to marijuana for certain medical conditions should be a constitutional right; Yet once again—after last year’s disastrous initiative went down in flames—there are competing pot legalization bills floating around, causing confusion and creating untenable obstacles.

And in addition to the numerous legalization initiatives locking horns, the Republicans in the House recently introduced a bill viewed as blatantly discriminatory against MMJ users in the work place.

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One thought on “QC Infusion in High Times!

  • I need an alternative now until medicall mj is available in Ohio and want to try hemputting oil. I have been on narcotics and they are literally killing me. My digestive tract is a mess and causing bowel obstructions. I am getting to where I cannot eat anything. I have so many qualified conditions for medical majuarijuna that I could take up the whole comment section. Anyway I am at my wits end and want to get off the narcotics asap. I have cut back because of constant stomach pain. I need help asap and am nor cannot wait until Sept then wait for a card etc and rx . I need help asap and thought this is my only hope left. Where can I get this as a individual? Where is there a store? Had I known about hemp oil I would have tried it long ago. Where can I get it now. Please contact me immediately. Or I need the er and want to avid that because of the way I get treated like a criminal. If my bowel is obstructed I need surgery anyway. It almost killed me once before. Please contact me asap to let me try the hemp oil for now please. It also would hopefully help me get off so many other prescriptions. I think that’s one reason med majuarijuna is a political issue due to some many companies losing money on their prescriptions they lose money and why it has taken this one long fight and battle. I admit to trying medical majuarijuna once and just a few doses felt so much better. And narcotics cause depression. They are fuel on a fire. When I tried it is found myself calm and happy which is a feeling I have lost. I long even thru suffering to feel calm and at least happy!!!!. Many pain management drs are not on board are going to lose a lot of business as well unless they choose to get on board with med majuarijuna . But if I can find a place tomorrow I e5be there asap to get it. If not I need to go to the error. I cannot afford to go but if the bowel is obstructed I have no choice. Please help. I have never been this desperate. When you pray God take me I cannot take this anymore thend it is time for me to take matters into my hands and do what8best for me. I have spoken to my primary care drs office. My dr doesn’t blame me at all and agrees but the practice she is with will not be perscribing it but said the drs will start popping up . In the meantime I cannot wait. I am to I’ll.

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